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Who's afraid of the denim?

Of, course, everybody's wearing it, from kids to (some of) our mums. They never really went out of fashion and we all went along with the trends: skinnies for the not-so-skinny, low waist even if we didn't have Britney's abs, boyfriend jeans even if they made us look like a hobo.

What are the current trends now? In the shops I keep seeing the same low waisted skinny jeans, even though, for a few years now, fashion bunnies everywhere are praising the flares and the high waisted ones.

Glamour, Style and Harper's Bazaar are warning us to ditch those low waisted skinnies and adopt the distressed boyfriend, flares or high waisted skinnies.

But where can a girl find those trends in the High Street shops, when H&M, C&A, Zara or Mango all seem to know is low waist?

I searched and searched the shops until I got tired of them and then I started searching the web. 

Here's what I found:

ASOS offers a retro take on the flare jeans.

Another cool pair from them is this extreme flared one:

Even though I'm not a fan of the quality of Mango jeans, i think this pair looks more than interesting.

I am not a fan of the boyfriend jeans, but I think I would go for a style similar to those two from Asos, one midrise and one highly distressed:

A little more denim inspiration can be found on Farfetch.

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