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3 interesting Pinterest statistics

Pinterest statistics

In August 2014, Pinterest  launched  Analytics for business accounts. With this move, the social network made small steps towards monetization.

“We have hundreds of thousands of businesses everyday on Pinterest who are trying to reach more people and connect both with their existing user base and to new potential customers,” Pinterest Product Manager Jason Costa told Marketing Land in  a phone interview. “We are releasing this analytics product in the spirit of helping them get a closer understanding of how their publishing strategy is going on Pinterest, who is their audience and what does that audience profile look like.”

Untill then, most user information came from various studies and social monitoring platforms.

Here are some key figures on Pinterest:

1. Users

  • Pinterest had 70 million users worldwide by the end of 2013. In the US there are over 12 million accounts, while in the UK there are over 200,000 active accounts.
  • 80% of users are women and 92% of the pins are published by them (RJ Metrics, 2014)
  • The probability that women using Pinterest  have bought an electronic product in the last 6 months is 33% higher than the women using other social networks.
  • In Europe, the social network is less popular than in the US

Pinterest statistics

2. Engagement.

  • In the fourth quarter of 2013 Pinterest moved in the third position as a sharing environment after Facebook and Linkedin, surpassing email.
  • In terms of traffic, Pinterest has become the third social network in the US.
  • Users are more active on Pinterest in the evening and prefer to interact with images related to fashion, parenting and food.

Pinterest statistics

3. Brands.
  • Worldwide, the most popular domains on Pinterest are:
      • 25% of Fortune 100 brands have an account on the social network.
      • In Romania, for 2013, the top brands present on Pinterest are:

      Pinterest statistics Romania
      • According a Repinly study, the most popular areas are Foods & Drinks (11.9% pins), followed by DIY (9.2%) and Decorations (5.9%).
      • The reasons why users say they are active on the social network are extremely interesting and a good indication of the business potential of this platform:

      Pinterest statistics

      • Sony brought in 2013 2.5 times more traffic on their website through Pinterest than through Twitter. Users have pressed the "Pin It"  button 10 times more often than the "Tweet this" button.
      A review of the most relevant Pinterest statistics for businesses I found in this infographic from Kissmetrics:

      Pinterest statistics

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