joi, 5 martie 2015

Social Media Campaigns during London Fashion Week

The Fashion Week, whether Paris, London, Milan or NY, is the event of the season, with many brands capitalizing on the media coverage and the hype around the shows.

Their Social Media Channels are alive with live feed from the shows, many of the brands choosing this moment for launching integrated campaigns.

ZuumSocial analyses the Social Media Campaigns  launched during this time.

Some short conclusions about the SM activity of the brands around various Fashion Weeks are that:

  • Instagram is the dominant social network for live fashion events
  • Only 1 of the 4 campaigns included posting to Facebook
  • Posting for each brand is scheduled around their live fashion show
Let's take a look at two most innovative campaigns that took place during this year's London Fashion Week (LFW):

1. Burberry gives users insider access to their LFW show.

E-consultacy writes about the Burberry campaign during London Fashion Week.
The brand tweeted during the LFW personalized images to other Twitter users by using photos taken by users during their runway show that had the hashtag #Tweetcam.
Burberry would then tweet the image with the person’s hashtag and a timestamp.
This campaign helped fans identify with the brand and gave them an extra reason to tune in to the fashion show.
Burberry London Fashion Week

2. Topshop - Trendspotting at LFW
Topshop used Twitter and outdoor advertising during its London Fashion Week campaign. 
For this campaign, Topshop partnered with Twitter in order to analyze real-time data coming in and to identify trends as they emerge. The brand then published details of next season’s trends onto eight outdoor advertising screens in the UK , using Twitter images from the main industry influencers .
The positioning of the outdoor screens were all linked to Topshop's retail locations.
Topshop London Fashion Week

This campaign combined offline and online media in a unique way. by using trend hashtags - such as #colourblocking, #pleats and #utility. Customers then could  tweet @Topshop chosing the preffered trend 's hashtag and receive a curated shopping list.

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