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4 Great Instagram Campaigns in 2014

Versiunea in limba romana este aici.

1. Marc Jacobs #castmemarc

In April 2014, Marc Jacobs started a casting campaign for the model that was to become the new face of the brand for Fall/Winter 2014. Those interested were asked to post pictures of themselves using the hashtag #castmemarc in order to enter the preselection for the fall fashion show.

The campaign had 70 000 applicants via Instagram. 30 models were selected by the Marc Jacobs team and participated in photo shoots all over the world.

Two winners were selected and became the faces of the campaign in Teen Vogue.

2. Keneth Cole #DressForYourself

Selfies are popular all over the Social Media and Fashion Brand Kenneth Cole took advantage of this trend. In January 2014 the brand launched a competition on Instagram rewarding the winners with the brand's products. Fans could register for the contest by posting a selfie in their account, accompanied by the hashtag #dressforyourself.

3. Burberry

Burberry used the power of celebrity  to launch their new fragrance, My Burberry. When you have a marketing budget like Burberry's, you'll chose the original supermodel, Kate Moss, and pair her with model of the moment Cara Delevigne and take advantage of the loyalty of their fans.

Why was it successful? The brand's Instagram account posted behind the scenes moments captured with two women who are rarely caught in such a light. Kate Moss did not even have an Instagram account at that moment so her fans had to become Burberry's followers in order to keep posted with the content.

4. Calvin Klein #mycalvins

The brand is known for their processed images of famous people.

This time, Calvin Klein encouraged celebrities to post their own unaltered pictures unchanged with underwear and post them on Instagram using the hashtag #mycalvins. Ordinary people were invited to join the campaign and post your own pictures of lingerie brand.

What was the secret ingredient for all of these campaigns?

Three of the four campaigns presented clearly show the power of user-generated content. What about the fourth? Well, it shows the power of two beautiful fashion models and celebrities who are worshiped by millions of fans in Social Media.

The conclusion? Even if you don't have the budget to use supermodels and celebrities in your campaigns, you can still find a way to encourage your fans to generate content on Instagram for your next campaign. Interacting with fans of your brand is the key to success.

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