marți, 10 februarie 2015

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival 

If you are traveling to Venice this time of the year, you will most certainly want to be tuned to the general atmosphere of the carnival. One option would be to rent a costume such as the one below.

Another option is to make something up from what you already have in your closet and pick up your mask form a Venetian shop.

Ruched sleeve shirt
105 RON -

Chloé oversized coat
22.965 RON -

Chicwish layered skirt
205 RON -

470 RON -

Chloé high heel leather boots
1.535 RON -

ASOS floral print handbag
65 RON -

Canvas picture
830 RON -

Venetian painting
110 RON -

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