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3 Fashion Campaigns on Pinterest

Versiunea in limba romana este aici

With the meteoric rise of Pinterest lately, it's no surprise that brands have begun to use it in order to increase the popularity of their products. But beyond the usual brand pages and boards of products, some recent campaigns have proved themselves highly creative and innovative.

Here are some examples:

1. Guess: Pin it to win it.

There are certainly a lot of competitions with themes like "Pin it to win it" on Pinterest. Ideas such as "Create a board using the minimum x of our products" have become popular  because this is a simple method to convince users to use images from your site, generating awareness and traffic. However, while approximately 30% of Facebook users are participating in various brand competitions , only 9% of those on Pinterest do.

The question is, how can  a competition be designed so that it attracts more users on Pinterest?

Everyone loves sweepstakes in which we can easily enroll, but on Pinterest it's all about creativity and personal vision. Therefore, creative competitions are more appealing to the particular types of users that are found on Pinterest. If we add multiple chances of winning, and  famous people in the role of the jury, the competition gets really interesting.

Guess  has successfully used this recipe within the "Color me inspired." competition. Users were asked to create a board using one of the three colors of the new Guess collection. To win clothes from the new collection, participants were asked to select 5 outfits in the chosen color and a Guess promotional image. Moreover, asking participants to entitle Board "Guess my color inspiration", the brand has transformed those boards into virtual campaigns.

Each color has been selected one winner. The jury consisted of famous fashion bloggers.

2. Oscar de la Renta: The Birdes Collection.

There is no surprise that many Pinterest campaigns target future brides, as this group of users is present on the network in  large numbers and is extremely active.

Oscar de la Renta chose to reveal on Pinterest exclusive pictures from his new collection of wedding dresses. The images were posted during the fashion runway show. Images from backstage, details of makeup and hairstyles were intertwined with pictures of runway models presenting the new collection,thus giving users access virtual backstage and recreating the atmosphere at the fashion show.

Through the platform, Oscar de la Renta was able to show the collection to a much broader category of potential buyers and offer users exclusive content that can be easily shared.

  3. Harrods: Street Party Window Inspiration

The famous London department store decided to use the platform to promote a special event in the life of the city, the Queen's Jubilee, and invited users to participate by creating designs for its shop windows. The winning concept was to be used to create the window for the Jubilee.

Harrods used for this campaign a mix of social platforms, achieving engagement on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

The steps for entering the competition were:

1. Users must create a board with the theme of the event. Harrods published its own board to inspire participants. All boards, were to be entitled "Street Party Harrods Window".
2. Participants must then tweet a link to their board @Harrods and add the hashtag #HarrodsWindowsHarrodsofLondon.

3. The store would choose three finalist boards, post them on the brand's Facebook page and asks fans to vote winner whose concept will be used to create the showcase.

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