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Fashion campaign ads: Made for print or digital?

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An article from the Business of Fashion showed an interesting phenomena happening lately in the world of fashion: the fashion ads seem to be created for digital rather than for print.

Instagram, once a niche platform, became an extremely active social network with over 75 million users. Brands such as Chanel (@ChanelOfficial) have 2.4 million followers, more than the exposure brought  by Elle, Vougue and InStyle combined.

It-Models such as Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid are worth far more than their images. They are adding to a campaign millions of followers and fans on social networks.

An Instagram post on Cara's account reaches 9.1 million people. The images from her photo shooting for John Hardy were seen for the first time by fans on Instagram.

Cara Delevigne pentru linia de bijuterii John Hardy

Kendall Jenner has over 17 million followers on Instagram and the announcement of her becoming new face of Estee Lauder  received over 1 million likes. It is said that the announcement itself, made on Kendall account, was a true promotional campaign for the brand.

The Calvin Klein Campaign featuring Justin Bieber brought 3.6 million followers for the brand's Twitter account. The campaign was launched on the 6th of January and the hashtag #mycalvins was mentioned more than 1.85 million times, almost 5 times more than Kim Kardashian's attempt to #breaktheinternet.

This kind of campaigns do not aim only to the public of glossy magazines. Their main target audience is on the internet, stalking their favorite celebrities, instead of looking forward to the next issue of Vogue.

The Calvin Klein campaign had this tremendous success because of the marketing strategy behind it. While other celebrities, such as Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, in spite of a comparable legion of followers, failed to create the same awareness for the brands they worked with, Calvin Klein managed to turn its campaign viral using clever teasing ads and capitalizing on both Bieber's fans and detractors.

Even if all the ads are launched both in print and digital, there are some parts of the campaigns that are best suited for digital. Behind the scenes images are posted on the brands Instagram accounts and support teasing campaigns.

Kate Moss si Cara Delevigne behind the scenes for My Burberry

Glossy magazines are joining the trend, posting exclusive pictures from their photo shoots to promote their next issue.

The image of Jennifer Lawrence's shooting with celebrity photographer Patrick Demarchelier posted on Vanity Fair's Instagram account gathered over 15 000 likes in less than a day.

Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair

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