marți, 17 martie 2015

ASOS #AsSeenOnMe campaign

ASOS social media campaign

In May 2014, ASOS launched a Social Media Campaign, inviting fans to snap their favorite ASOS look and post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe. The brand used in a very smart way the selfie trend in order to obtain user generated content and make its clients the newest faces of ASOS.

The best snaps were included in the ASOS hall of fame on their website and Facebook page. The platform acts as a facilitator of peer to peer recommendations, as well as an incentive for the fashion enthusiasts that want to make their unique sense of style known to the world.

ASOS social media campaign

The AsSeenOnMe channel uses a visual commerce platform Olapic to pull all of the images with the hashtag into a system which Asos staff can access to manually link the item featured in the photo to the correct product page in the transactional area of the site.
Asos staff can filter the images in the system by product type as well as an individual’s social reach and rank. Each image must be approved by Asos to appear on the AsSeenOnMe channel.
Users can view the images in a design similar to Pinterest, and buy the matching product by clicking through to the Asos site. 
ASOS social media campaign

The campaign is not the first attempt for the brand to create shopable content. ASOS innovates constantly and delivers compelling content, using most social media platforms in order to achieve this effect.

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